Card Game & Train Passengers – How will the Journey be like?

India has the fourth largest railway network in the world. In the 18-19th century, people used to travel by trains with steam engines. The Journey through train used to be long, and there was no internet or mobile to pass the time during these journeys. Then how did people pass their time?  

The answer is, by playing a Card Game.   

From youngsters to older adults, everyone enjoys playing cards. Card games have always been the most favourite for the train passengers, no matter if you know the person on the other berth, once a pack of cards is opened, everybody comes along and plays it.

The beauty of cards is that it’s not limited to one type of game like UNO; instead there are so many variants and options available that people can enjoy during train journeys.

  • There is an option of playing Rummy; which in itself has two other variants Single- Deck Rummy and Double-deck Rummy and all these can be played with or without bets!
  • Apart from that, there is Teen Patti, where you have to make sets of a card. For example, you can make a set of 5 from three different suits, and you’ve won! It’s probably the first Card Game everyone learns as a kid.
  • And there is Satte pe Satta; this game could on for hours when played with more than 4-6 players! And it’s so harmless that even kids could play it. Isn’t it a great way to enjoy a long train ride couples with 6-7 rounds of Satte pe Satta. 

Voila! It’s a perfect train ride. You start the game with one discarded card, and anyone with the same card of any suit wins the round, the first player to finish all their dealt cards loses the game, the player with the maximum card wins, like an easy game. 

Besides Rummy, the second famous Card Game is Bluff! Great way to check if you’re co-passengers can be trusted or not. Just kidding. One deck of cards divided between your co-passengers or family and then you show, bluff, and you win! 

You can have a look through the train window at the landscapes along with your family friends and a deck of cards. Why just your family? Even strangers can turn into friends by just melding some cards and there it is.


Card Games in India have always tied people together, our fathers, grandfathers, great grandfathers have all played with cards. That’s the power of these games they bring people together. And there’s nothing more relaxing than that even if you’ve forgotten your deck at home, you can buy them at any railway station without any fuss. 

No doubt it will be beautiful with and your companion’s cards. Earlier there was no technology, but now you don’t even have to spend money buying a card you can play any Card Game on your phones!