The upgradation of online Indian rummy from PC to mobile

With the introduction of online rummy, people soon started getting shifted from the physical playing cards to the online game. In India, people play rummy in different special occasions such as Diwali, Dussehra, and others in gatherings due to lack of time. But when online rummy came up, things got a bit easier as the rummy lovers were able to play the game at their convenience without waiting for anything else.

A few years back rummy players used to play Indian rummy online on computers and this was considered as a huge upgrade from offline rummy to online. Soon, with time, the online Indian rummy got upgraded from personal computers to mobiles to offer better experience to the players.

The upgrades that online Indian rummy got

When the Indian rummy online was upgraded from pc to mobiles, there were a number of benefits that came along for the players.

  • No need of logging in each time:

When you play on your computer or even in your phone browser, you need to log in to your rummy profile each time to play the game. The site logs you out of the site when you are not active for security reasons. But this can get irritating at times. Luckily, when you have an application installed on your phone, you do not have to do that each time. You just can click open the app and start playing.

  • Play at your convenience:

When you used to play rummy on your pc, you had to think about returning home to play the game. But when you have the application on your phone, you do not have to wait for anything. Whether you are travelling or anywhere else, you just need to tap open your application and you can start playing the game at your convenience.

  • Play safe at work:

There are so many people who have a habit of playing rummy at work in order to take a short break in between. The officials do not understand this and when you are caught playing rummy on the office computer, you are bashed out and are warned. You can play the game at the office on your phone with the application, without getting noticed by anyone.

  • Get Notified on Time:

The online rummy arranges for different tournaments from time to time with bonus rewards. When you play the game only on your computer, you often can miss out on some important tournaments because you did not get the news on time. But when you have an application on your phone, you will get notifications for every event and other details so that you do not miss out on anything that you need to know.


The upgradation of Indian rummy online sites from just being available on personal computers to mobile phones has offered immense number of benefits to the players. Whether it is about the convenience of playing or security concerns, the applications that can be installed on smartphones offer huge benefits in different ways. Simply select the right rummy download and install it on your smartphone to explore a new way of playing rummy.