Buying and Selling a Fixer Upper

Many people want to have a well-balanced portfolio of investments. Investing in varied vehicles is a good way to avoid potential losses and balance out risk. Real estate has long been favored as a form of investing. There are many types of real estate investing. People can choose to buy a home to live in as their primary residence. They can also choose to invest in real estate in order to help turn a profit. A person who understands the local real estate market well can often spot opportunities that others might miss in the same market. For example, they might see a house in a given area that is on the rise. However, this home may have problems that need to be fixed. Investing in a fixer upper can help people earn a high rate of return on their investment capital.

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Making an Assessment

Most home buyers start by making an assessment of what needs to be done. Any home buyer should be aware of the problems the house has before they decide to buy it. A fixer upper may have problems that are not immediately visible during a brief look inside. This can include water damage from storms, a roof that leaks and flooring that may need to be redone. Anyone who is going to make a profit on the home will need to be aware of the potential costs of buying the home and the possible profit they can make after fixing it up.

Fixing Large Problems

In many cases, an older home will have significant damage. For example, the foundation may have serious cracks. In that case, the investor should consult with foundation repair contractors to help them make sure the job of fixing up any foundation issues is done well. Effective contractors can help the buyer determine what needs to be done. Even if the person has prior knowledge of specific areas and how to fix them, it is often best to consult with professionals. They know exactly how to bring the problems up to modern day zoning codes. They also know what can fixed quickly and what problems may need more time to get truly addressed.

Putting it up For Sale

The process of fixing up a home can take time. Anyone who is planning to do so should be aware of this fact and have a timeline in mind. The timeline should include specific milestones that must be met during a given period. For example, during the first month, the homeowner may want to get the electrical fixtures fixed. Then, they can start on putting in a new kitchen and other appliances. Then it is time to put in finishing details that can really help add personality and charm such as painting and stenciling. Each homeowner will want to understand what is truly important to the buyers who will be touring the home. This way, they can sell the home quickly and make a large capital profit.

By Antonio Carter

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