Coldplay at the Principality Stadium

Coldplay are staging two concerts at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff as part of their incredibly popular European tour.

If you want to see one of the best bands in music history live, then you shouldn’t hesitate to book tickets at the earliest possible convenience.

Their two dates are the 11th and 12th July 2017 and whilst the stadium has a capacity of 74500 that doesn’t mean you can bide your time. The demand to see Coldplay never wanes.

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Chris Martin, champagne and as the musician himself termed it, “limestone rock,” as opposed to hard rock, in the summer sun. What could be better?

Events companies London specialist firms include DTB Sports and Events, they may be London based but hospitality events take professionals all over the country and they, like other concert events firms are very familiar with the Principality Stadium, it’s fantastic facilities and the opportunities that arise when a legendary music act takes to the stage.

Coldplay were founded in 1996 by Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland at University College London. Actually, the original band name was Pectoralz and then by 1997 they were Starfish.

Guy Berrymen and Phil Harvey joined them, Harvey was their manager before being incorporated in to the group.

Last to join the band was Will Champion. A friend suggested Coldplay as a new band name and the rest is history.

From small gigs around Camden the band became known and they released 500 copies of their Safety EP. This resulted in them being signed to Fierce Panda and a second album was hastily produced.

In the early months of 1999 the band received their five album deal from Parlophone. They played Glastonbury for the first time and recorded album number three, The Blue Room.

During production Champion was sacked and then reinstated. Very rock ‘n’ roll!

From the moment that Parachutes was released Coldplay seem to have never lost their popularity or their standing within the highly critical and fickle music industry.

Summer 2016 saw Coldplay headline Glastonbury, their performance has earned them yet another award to add to their groaning award cabinet, they were voted Best Festival Performance at the Live UK Music Business Awards on October 12th.

Be honest, can you really persuade yourself that you:

  • Can miss a Coldplay concert and their A Head Full of Dreams tour?
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