Consumer research: what it is, importance and how to define the profile

Do you know the profile of your business audience? Understanding consumer’s profile makes all the difference when it comes to marketing, sales and service strategies. Having this kind of knowledge can greatly impact your company’s results. With that in mind, we will talk in this article about consumer research and why it is important to have it well defined. 

What is a consumer profile?

Consumer profile is as a set of characteristics, behaviors and values ​​observed in a specific audience. Cultural, social, personal and psychological factors need to be considered in the construction and analysis of the consumer profile that the company wants to achieve. A company cannot suddenly invent the consumer profile, based on Goosebumps. It is why a lot of research and observation work is needed.

Why is it important to know the consumer’s profile?

Knowing and analyzing the consumer’s profile is extremely important to optimize marketing, sales and service strategies. In other words, knowing the profile of the consumers to which your company is destined will help to convince your target that you offer the best solutions in the market. Besides, when you understand your customer’s profile, it becomes easier to know where to find them and how to contact them to try to sell a product or service. Main advantages of knowing the consumer profile –

  • Greater assertiveness in marketing strategies,
  • More adequate planning,
  • Loss reduction,
  • Better choice of channel and language of the message,
  • Greater customer satisfaction,
  • Increased sales.

How to define the consumer profile?

To find out what the profile of your consumer is, it is necessary to do a good consumer research. Thus, it is possible to trace who would be the ideal customer, the buyer persona. For that, you will need to collect some information, such as – age, location, gender, marital status, average monthly income, schooling, occupation, consumption habits, desires and needs, affinity level with the brand, subjects of greatest interest, main sources of information, favorite social networks, hobbies, main influencers in purchasing decisions, reasons that made you choose the brand, etc.

That way, at the end of the survey, you will already have enough relevant information to start building the profile of the ideal consumer. In fact, it may happen that you are able to draw more than one profile. LinkedIn is an excellent tool to search for customers with the profile you have defined.

Scale the market

In this way it is possible to identify the most profitable segment, detect new trends, evaluate the performance of its products and services, identify the quantity or volume that the market is capable of absorbing and at what prices these products may be sold. Understand the competitors’ strategy and observe their strengths and weaknesses.

A tip for better consumer research

Always keep in mind which consumer profile is very useful to avoid efforts, creativity and resources. What is the meaning of reaching the audience that does not have the characteristics of a group that would be interested in its solutions? Thus, knowing the profile of the consumer is essential for your company to be able to align your expectations with the real demands of your target audience.

Do you know how people consume? 

They say that knowledge is power and in this case, the power to influence the consumption of your company. Positioning yourself properly is paramount. Although you should bear in mind that consumer research has different approaches that fulfill different functions. One of these approaches is anthropological market research that studies human behavior when purchasing a product. This approach allows you to more adequately advertise and project your brand in response to specific circumstances.