How obesity affects your heart?

If you do not have ideal body weight, it isn’t that you are alone in-universe, around two-thirds of the adult population in American are obese or overweight. As per the records of 2010, approximately 78 million US adults were obese or overweight.

Obesity can lead to numerous health problems such as gallbladder disease, lung disease, arthritis, cancer and many heart diseases. The lifestyle of an obese person is in question, because of maintaining a dangerous lifestyle in their younger age is the reason of weight gain in most of the obese person today. The problem with obesity is that people who are overweight either die at a younger age or become disabled compared to people with ideal weight. So, you need to work hard to follow weight loss plans that work.

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Obesity and Heart Problems

The most significant concern of being obese is the heart. Obesity can cause high blood pressure, diabetes, and it makes higher the number of lousy cholesterol reducing the amount of good cholesterol. All these factors contribute equally to heart disease. The more you are obese; you are at a higher risk of having a heart attack. This is the reason why obese people have higher heart disease risk and are at high risk of having a stroke.

But it is not only these factors mentioned above might make you have heart failure, but even without these factors, you might have heart failure if you are obese. People who are obese are at risk of heart disorder or disease four times more than the people who aren’t obese or have ideal weight.

Heart Attack

This is another concern throughout the world today. Numbers of heart attacks are growing year after year. People having a heart attack will run short of breath, and they will not be able to perform their daily activity. Their ankle swells due to the accumulation of fluids in their body. A heart attack is a serious problem, and it hampers the quality of life has it. It also can be fatal in times. A study shows that 50 percent of people who are diagnosed with a heart attack is likely to die in the next five years span.

Obesity is one of the reasons for having a heart attack or heart failure. The more fat stored in your body, the volume of your blood will increase, which will make your heart to pump harder the extra fluids. Over the time, the heart will change its structure and function and this will eventually lead to heart failure.