How to Select a Uniform Company to Meet Business Needs

Uniform companies provide a variety of services to support a host of industries. They include:

  • Facility Services
  • High Quality Apparel Services for many industries like food and medical uniforms
  • Fire Resistant Apparel
  • Reusable Textiles
  • Qualified, Available Customer Service Representatives

The most competent uniform company will be adept at reorganizing and, maximizing a company’s uniform solutions with outstanding customer service, and flexibility.

The following list details some valuable insight as to how one selects a uniform company that best fits your needs:

Customer Responsiveness

Some uniform companies use recorded phone loops (others use call centers) to manage their busy businesses. The reality is that these customer service methods tend to create customer frustration and dissatisfaction.

As a result, it is best to choose a uniform company that understands customer service is fundamental to overall service, and, they actually pick up the phone.

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The Ability to Customize Uniform Programs

The needs of every business in each industry are distinct and unique. Therefore, their uniform needs inevitably vary. The uniform company you select must be able to hand-tailor a plan to meet a business’ uniform needs. Do the garments need to be pocket-less or will they require a special safety feature to protect employees?

Uniform Tracking Methods

Uniform tracking errors generate extra costs and increase the time needed to manage the uniform process of your business. Many uniform companies now use electronic devices like RFID tags or bar-codes. These tracking methods reduce company losses as well as the time needed to manage uniform procedures.

Quality Uniforms

Uniforms reveal a lot about a company, despite the industry in which they are found. It is best to consider one of the uniform companies that offer a comprehensive program that includes the provision of quality garments, and the repair or replacement of damaged uniforms.

A Proven Track Record

When you select a uniform services company, you will eventually sign a contract that details the expectations and limitations for both parties, in writing. You are advised to read the contract carefully or have your attorney review it. Remember, though to check out customer testimonials and to ask for references when needed.

A real life example to consider is to review the 2017 American Airlines debacle. This year, 100 flight attendants filed a lawsuit against the maker of their uniforms. They claimed their uniforms caused significant health issues ranging from vertigo to eye problems and even headaches.

If the uniform company you are considering meets the above mentioned insights, they will clearly be equipped to handle your uniform needs.

RFID tagging is an ID system that uses small radio frequency identification devices for identification and tracking purposes.