Medical Crowdfunding – A timeline

In India, the burden of medical expenses falls mostly on the shoulders of citizens. With the Indian government’s spending on healthcare only 2.5% of the GDP, Indian citizens have to rely on private sector hospitals and pool funds for their own medical treatments. Since medical emergencies which include complicated surgeries and casualty cases require medical intervention as soon as possible, waiting for bank loans is not a feasible option. Medical crowdfunding is a boon for every ailing patient considering loaning money for his/ her treatment. Since medical crowdfunding is extremely time sensitive- here is a 30 day timeline to ensure that the fundraiser achieves its target amount.

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Day 1: Share your campaign story on Facebook and Twitter.

Day 2: Share an image of the patient on Facebook along with the fundraiser link.

Day 3: Share a video narrating your campaign story on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Post twice on Facebook about the campaign.

Day 4, Day 8, Day 9, Day 11, Day 13,, Day 19, Day 21 : Incorporate trending hashtags into your tweets and tag influencers in your tweet. Ask for retweets. Share an image/ video of the campaign story on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Day 5, Day 10, Day 15, Day 20, Day 25 : Send an email to all the patient’s workplace contacts. The email must contain campaign story along with a relevant image/ link to video and a link to the fundraiser. Use MailChimp/ Campaign Builder to embed a ‘Donate’ button within the mail.

Day 6, Day 12, Day 18, Day 24, Day 30 : Post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter your update about the campaign. Have a separate Facebook post thanking all those Facebook contacts who have contributed to the fundraiser. Also share the link for your fundraiser campaign on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Day 7 : Send personal text message with the link to the campaign to your closest contacts on Whatsapp. Broadcast message to all contact on Whatsapp

Day 9: Share the fundraising campaign to all Whatsapp groups you are a part of.

Day 14, Day 22, Day 26, Day 27 : Send a reminder to all Whatsapp contacts about the campaign.

Day17, Day 28, Day 29: Send SMS messages to all phone contacts with link of your fundraiser.

With this planning, one can ensure that all medical fundraisers get crowdfunded and all those patients in need of medical help receive timely help.