Neighborhoods That Are the Most Chosen for Relocation in Jacksonville

Jacksonville is a beautiful city in Florida and is quite famous for its gorgeous scenery and warm climatic conditions. When you plan to move here, you should first understand everything related to this place including the best zip codes to stay. Once you get a clear picture, you can decide further from there. 

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Ideal Neighborhoods 

By finding more about the neighborhoods, you can decide where to stay in Jacksonville. 

  • San Marco 

With the popularity of the trendy bars, chic boutiques, bistros, and many other such factors, this neighborhood is small and quiet and yet the most preferred one today. This historic neighborhood is located just a few minutes away from the riverfront and offers amazing sunset views for nature enthusiasts. 

Jacksonville, Florida, USA skyline on the river at twilight.
  • Mandarin 

Mandarin orange is the actual source from where this place got its name. A tropical paradise is located in the southern part of Jacksonville. This area is filled with oak trees that are covered with Spanish moss, which lines all along the streets in this place. With the great options of shopping and entertainment, this location has become the topmost preferred place for relocation. 

  • Jacksonville Downtown 

This locality is also considered as the heart of the place. It is located very close to the St. Johns River and also closer to some beaches. This place is also known as the business district. The wonderful restaurants that serve tasty seafood dishes, beloved pubs, the laid-back environment, etc., all together offer the best-staying experience to the locals. 

  • Orange Park 

Are you looking for the best place to raise your family? If yes, then this is the best choice in Jacksonville. It is located in the rural atmosphere and away from the unwanted buzz and traffic of the cities. Most of the families here belong to Navy personnel because of the presence of the Naval Air Station here. 

  • Deerwood 

Deerwood in Jacksonville is quite famous for its resort-style complexes, country clubs, and wonderfully renovated single-family houses. People that are looking for a ravishing lifestyle can choose this place to start something new. Both the middle and high-class families live here and this place is known for its safe neighborhood. 

Do you love staying nearby the beaches in Jacksonville? If yes, then you can find many localities that flourish on the beach shores of Neptune Beach, Jacksonville Beach, and Atlantic Beach. The easy access to the beach makes these neighborhoods quite costlier than the other places. The watersport enthusiasts can enjoy learning and experience the best time of their life while surfing, kayaking, and paddle boarding in the beach waters.