Explore here to know the unknown facts about the 9 Ball Pool

9-Ball Rules | How to Play 9-ball Pool [Explained]

9 ball

9 ball pool is a kind of game that is popular worldwide. It is a fast-paced game where you have to make quick moves to be more interesting. With this game, you will have nine object balls with a number from one to nine and a tenth ball called cue ball. To start the game on the GetMega app, you need to make each cue ball shot come in contact with the nine balls but start with the lowest number. However, it is not a must to pocket the ball in order based on the ball number.

Here, a player can only pocket the ball with the legal shot; then, he can continue to play until he commits a foul, pockets all the nine balls, or misses.

When a player misses, the opponent will shoot, starting from where he left. But when the opponent player commits a foul, you will be able to start the game with the cue ball. For this game to end, one player must win the defined number of games. Now let further explore the unknown facts about the 9 ball pool.

Here are some unknown facts about the nine-ball pool that you need to explore on the GetMega gaming platform.

Contact point

The contact point is the one that will help you to aim and fire. Here in this game, to become pro or win the game. Despite the geometric aspect involved in this game, aiming and shooting based on the contact point can increase the chance of winning in the 9 ball pool. When firing and aiming at the contact point from the cue ball, the probability of hitting the target would be hired for different shots. 

With a contact point, you will be able to hit the ball full, enhancing the control and the power you apply to it. Therefore whether you are a pro player or amateur, considering using the contact point in 9 ball pool is a secret that you can understand and apply to increase the chance of winning the game.

Shooting stance

Stance is another big secret of 9 ball pool game. If you align well with your cue stick and place your body in a comfortable position and your head in the correct position, it will give you a lot of success.

Most players in this game line up or improperly position themselves. Due to this, you will find that hitting the target will be hard for them. Since this is a weakness with most players, you have to use it to your advantage and make sure you win the game.

Body alignment

To shoot accurately in 9 ball pool, you need to align your body correctly. Here you will have to take a keen consideration of your head position, stroking arm, and eyes. You must make sure that they are lined up with the direction of the target ball. It is a technique that you have to practice, and in the long run, you will be able to master the act to improve your aiming and hit the target accurately.

To practice the setting up of your body when playing, make sure that your forearm should be in line with the cue. At this position, you will be able to hit the cue ball across the table and maximize the chance of winning the game.


In conclusion, the above are some unknown facts to know if you are a 9 ball pool player. With these facts, once put into action, you can scale up your gaming skill, and you will be a pro for this game. Now that you know some of these secrets, you can practice, and the next time you have a contest, you will be able to win against your opponent on the GetMega gaming app.

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