Redesigning Your Office? Don’t Forget About These 3 Things

Are you redesigning or redecorating your office space? Do you need some inspiration on where to begin such a task? Read below to find out about the three most important aspects when designing your office space.

An office space needs to be harmonic, relaxing and welcoming. Your office needs to be a place you walk into with a desire to work. In order to be as constructive as you can be there are some things which you need to think about.

  1. Furniture and Decor

When choosing your furniture for your office you need to decide what works best for you. Ask yourself first if you need a desk space for a computer, a desk space for drawing and writing or a space where you meet and greet clients. Depending on your type of work there will be one place you will spend more time while working in the office. Consider what is important to you and then create this as a focal point.

In addition to having one main workplace in the office you also need to consider what else is important to you during the workday. Do you need to have room to store files, papers and books? Do you need to have practical counter space? Do you need a relaxing area? Consider two more things which you cannot do without in your office and make these your second focal points.

  1. Flooring

After you have chosen carefully what elements of furniture and decor are important to you, you need to consider basic flooring options. There are many to choose from including safety flooring, office flooring, vinyl floor tiles, carpet and ceramic tiles. Each type of flooring has it’s pro’s and con’s.

If you choose to go with safety flooring then you are choosing the simple and durable option which is great to use when on budget. Office flooring is basic carpet or carpet tiles. This option is again durable but requires more maintenance. Vinyl floor tales imitate wooden floors and can be very stylish. They are easy to maintain, they are cost effective and have sound and heat insulation. Don’t forget you can also choose luxury vinyl floor tiles which imitate real wood or stone.

  1. Important Elements

There are many other important elements you need to consider when redesigning your office. Lighting is very important. It is vital that you have a lot of natural light as this proven to increase good moods. Big windows which can be opened are important too so you can have fresh air even when working.

Don’t forget to create space for any appliances you use such as a printer, a television or even a coffee machine. Try to keep your office as simple as possible. Be as minimal as you can when creating your workspace. The rule of your workplace should be less clutter because this will essentially help your productivity.