Take the right medication for treating genital herpes

There are many men and woman diagnosed by the disease of genital herpes. They face many problems like itching, pain and small sores appear on their genital area. If they get initial infection then it turns into ulcers and scabs and become dominant in the body.  It is cured by providing the right treatment. If you meet your doctor for treating genital herpes, they advise you the medication, Valacyclovir for curing the initial symptoms. If anyone is having the symptoms of this disease then they should not make sexual relationship with a normal person.

What are the common symptoms of the genital herpes?

In the other herpes, there are no common symptoms but you can find some common symptom in genital herpes. Herpes symptoms can go and come but it does not mean that the infection is going away. If you are having the symptoms of herpes then it might get transferred to your partner if yOu have sex with them.

Some common symptom of the genital herpes are-

  • If you notice herpes sore on the genital organ then you will feel burning when you pee.
  • Feel trouble in peeing because of the sores and swelling which can block your urethra.
  • Itching and pain around the genital
  • Fever, chill, head ache and feeling achy and tired.

How can you treat the genital herpes?

If your genital is infected with herpes then you should meet your doctor. They will find the causes and reasons for getting infection and give you specific medication for curing the symptoms of herpes. They also suggest you some medicines such as Valtrex. It is easily available on all the medical stores but you can also buy these medicines from the online stores such as RXShopMD. Here, you can order your desirable quantity of pills in your profitable budget.

What are the doses recommended for genital herpes?

If you are infected with the genital herpes then you cannot make the sexual relationship with your partner because there is big chance of transferring the infection. If you are taking the medication then you are prescribed by the doctor for taking the standard doses. They suggest you to nine or few break of the medicine in a year. You should take the 500 mg in a day for reducing the symptoms and lead a healthy life.

Who should avoid this medicine?

It is most important for you that you should follow all the instructions before taking the medication. There are some contraindications for taking the medicines such as acyclovir, bone marrow transplant, and kidney transplant. It is also avoided for those people who are infected with HIV. It should not be prescribed for less than 12 years old child.  You should not use a huge dose of medicine. If you take the big dose then you will also have to pay attention on the measures to get over the side effects. However, it is always advised to take only the recommended dosage.