The Safety Features of the 2018 Toyota Corolla Baltimore

The Lease seat is considered to be an extremely safe compact vehicle, rating #19  in the US News rating for compact cars. This is due to a variety of safety features, in addition to solid ratings by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Here are some of the advantages of the 2018 Toyota Corolla Baltimore.

Safety Features for the 2018 Toyota Corolla

Auto-leveling headaches, integrated turn signal mirrors, lane departure warnings, and cross-traffic alerts are all advanced safety features that are included in the 2018 Toyota Corolla. Lane keeping assistance and other alerts are designed to notify the driver in the event that the Toyota Corolla drifts into another lane or could potentially be about to hit another object.  Corollas also come with automatic braking, which can help in avoiding crashes.

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Edmunds also found the 2018 Toyota Corolla to have a five star rating, including a low 11.8% risk of rollover and high ratings for side and front impacts. This was also matched by the Toyota’s convenience and entertainment features, roomy interior, and comfortable seats. There are also the standard features of a 2018 Toyota Corolla, which includes stability control, eight airbags, and adaptive cruise control. Altogether, this makes the 2018 an excellent buy for those who want up-to-date safety features in a compact vehicle.

Older models of the Toyota Corolla have also been found to be exceptionally safe, reliable, and affordable. For those who want an affordable, used vehicle, Toyota Corollas tend to be available with a low amount of depreciation. The 2017 Toyota Corolla also had a five star safety rating, as did the 2017 Toyota Camry and the 2017 Toyota RAV4.

The 2018 Toyota Corolla Baltimore Crash Test Ratings

In tests by the NHTSA, the Toyota Corolla Baltimore achieved a five star rating. Side crash tests also garnered a five star rating, with four star ratings for a frontal crash and a rollover. These ratings are consolidated over comprehensive tests that are performed on new vehicles. The NHTSA provides unbiased reviews of vehicles for the purposes of safety comparison.

The Toyota Corolla isn’t just a safe vehicle; it’s also affordable and easy to maintain. Though it doesn’t have a significant amount of power in its engine, it is balance out by its reliability. Come down to the showroom to discover more about the 2018 Toyota Corolla Baltimore today!