Use MyEtherWallet Like a Pro: Advanced Features and Usage Tips

Have you ever felt like you were missing out on the crypto revolution? Do you want to join the millions of people who are investing in cryptocurrencies and taking advantage of blockchain technology? If so, then MyEtherWallet Wallet(마이이더월렛 지갑) is a great starting point. MEW is a free, open-source cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to store Ether and other ERC20 tokens securely. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get started with MEW and provide tips for staying safe while using it.

Creating an Account

The first step towards using MEW is creating an account. This involves downloading the official MEW app or visiting the website of the same name. Once you’ve done that, click “Create a New Wallet” to start building your account. You will be asked to provide your email address and create a password; make sure these are both secure and easy for you to remember as they will act as your username/login information. After filling out this information, click “Continue” then “Create Wallet” to complete the process.

When creating an account, it is important to keep your private key safe at all times. Your private key grants anyone access to your wallet; if anyone else ever gets hold of it, they can easily access all of your funds without your consent. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that you write down or print out your private key after creating an account and store it somewhere secure offline where no one else can find it. It is also good practice to back up any data associated with your wallet in case something happens and you need to recover lost funds quickly. 

Sending/Receiving Funds

Once you have created an account and backed up any necessary data, you can start sending/receiving funds within minutes via MEW’s user-friendly interface. To send funds from your account, click “Send Ether & Tokens” then input the recipient’s address in the field provided. You will also be asked to specify how much Ether or tokens you would like to send; once that has been done click “Generate Transaction” followed by “Send Transaction” then confirm the transaction when prompted by entering your password again (this helps protect against unauthorized transactions). Once sent, transactions will typically take anywhere from 10 minutes up to several hours depending on network load; however, some transactions may take longer if their gas fees are too low for miners prioritize processing them ahead of others with higher fees (for more info about what gas fees are check out our previous article).

To receive funds into your account simply share its public address with whoever wishes to send money; they should enter this into their own wallet when prompted during their own transaction process. As long as they enter this correctly there should be no problems in receiving payments into your wallet within minutes after confirming them via MyEtherWallet’s interface when alerted about new incoming payments (note that only Ethereum based coins such as ETH and ERC20 tokens can be sent/received via MyEtherWallet).   

MyEtherWallet provides users with a secure platform for storing Ethereum based coins such as ETH or other ERC20 tokens safely offline away from hackers or malicious actors looking for any opportunity they might have of stealing someone’s money from them unknowingly online. Getting started with MEW doesn’t have to be complicated either – simply download its app or visit its website then follow our instructions above for setting up an account successfully before sending/receiving funds within minutes via its intuitive user-interface! Best of luck investing in cryptocurrencies – stay safe!