Which is one Online Game that Comes to Your Mind and Why?

The trend of playing online games has grown exponentially during the past decade. High-quality graphics, live-action like experience, 24×7 accessibility and the ability to provide an adrenaline rush are a few reasons why people prefer online games for recreation today. Technological advancement and the ease of internet availability have allowed even conventional games to be easily accessible online, significantly increasing the joy of gaming enthusiasts.

Several card games have also transitioned to the digital space, much to the delight of card lovers. These have been well-established as a means to exercise the brain, improve concentration, and keep the players engaged for long. Online gamers are often posed the question “Which is your favourite game and why you love it.” Being an avid gamer myself, I too have answered this question on several occasions. Although I love playing the latest action-filled games, but the charm of popular online card game rummy never wears out for me. It not only provides all-round entertainment but playing the game has proved to be highly beneficial in other aspects too. Here are my reasons for loving the Indian rummy game, and playing it fervently online:

All in One Entertainment

When choosing an online game, I look for some specific features such as entertainment factor, the level of thrill, educational aspect, and ease of play. And online rummy fits perfectly in all these aspects. Many people would agree to the fact that rummy is quite an entertaining game, but when you play online with players of varying skills, you learn a lot more than while playing offline. The game is quite easy to learn and trusted rummy sites provide eye-catchy graphics with easy to navigate interface to make it even more attractive. Not to forget the thrill it offers when you compete in tournaments for the big cash rewards. Thus, online rummy is a multipurpose game that is not only great for recreation but is also good for some mental workout.

Generates Positivity

Playing rummy online is a great way to destress oneself, and I often prefer playing a quick game of Points Rummy to relax whenever I am feeling too worked up. A tired and frustrated brain often generates negativity, thereby draining energy levels. Playing a quick game of online rummy during work breaks or commute helps me restore those energy levels, and keep me going through even the tough times with positivity. It has been many years since I started with online rummy, and my experience has helped me win numerous cash games and tournaments. It has greatly boosted my confidence not only at the tables but in real life too. Yet another reason for instilling positivity in me!

Enhances Problem Solving Ability

As many of you might be aware, rummy is a game played with skills and strategies. The player must adopt a calculative approach while playing to win. My journey to date with online rummy has taught me many skills, the most useful one being my ability to solve complex problems easily. Playing the game often has helped enhance my judgement in various aspects, and has made me a good people-reader. The game has also conditioned my brain to make strategic decisions quickly, a quality which has come handy in many situations. In fact, I have come across many other players who affirm to the fact, that playing the 13-card game regularly, has significantly enhanced their problem-solving capabilities.

Improves Multitasking Ability

The ability to multitask is highly beneficial in todays’ fast-paced world. To become a competent professional, you must possess several unique skills and successfully manage more than one task at a given time. Although, I learnt to multitask effectively during college days, where I had to handle and manage extra-curriculars with my studies, often memorising important formulas and terms while simultaneously practising my basketball skills. But this skill started waning over time. But, observing opponents, and simultaneously planning my moves while playing rummy regularly has helped me hone my multitasking abilities once again. The game requires a player to keep a close eye on opponents’ moves, understand their gameplay, make winning strategies, and manage their hand well all in a limited amount of time. With ample practice, it not only helps one improve in the multitasking arena but also makes them an efficient time-manager.

The Essence

For most online gamers, playing their favourite games for even a few minutes every day helps them become a pro, and develop certain essential life skills too. Playing online rummy has not only helped me develop my mental prowess but is also a means of some respite when I am struggling through tough situations. It certainly is an all-round entertainer. For those are amateurs in the Indian rummy game, I would recommend they should give it a try at least once. Thoroughly learn the online rummy rules, play on the practice tables and experience the thrill of cash games and highly competitive rummy tournaments.

Happy Gaming!