Best Hotels To Book in Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico. This wonderful beach town is surrounded by beautiful lush greenery & pristine blue waters of the Pacific. From partying throughout the night to sitting back and relaxing under the sun, you can do it all when you are in Puerto Escondido. The natural beauty that surrounds the city is truly mesmerizing. From a wide selection of pubs, cabanas and Puerto Escondido restaurant, you won’t have a difficult time to decide what you are going to do when you are in this town. If you are traveling to Puerto Escondido, then here are the top 5 hotels that we believe can host you in the most comfortable manner.

  • Hotel Escondido – a rustic hotel that has 16 bungalows that are located just by the side of the Puerto Escondido. The hotel offers the perfect view of the Pacific Ocean right from your window and that helps you to experience a truly wonderful time till the date you are here. This hotel is perfect for those who would want to visit the beach very frequently and want to relax in peace. The has an in-house spa, club, and a wide range of other amenities as well. You can head out to the swimming pools and gymnasium when bored. Each of the air-conditioned bungalows of this hotel features modern décor, free WiFi, cable TV and various other items for extra convenience as well.
  • Casa de Olas Hotel – situated 300 m from the Zicatela Beach, the Casa De Olas Hotel is a fantastic place to live for the next few days. The rates are quite affordable and yet you got the most premium staying experience here. However the hotel provides their rooms to adults only. There is a bar, garden and in-house lounge available here. Among all the different facilities found here, we have seen that they try to provide everything you need to enjoy a peaceful staying experience. You can even find the outdoor swimming pool, fitness centre, evening entertainment and a shared kitchen.
  • Villas Carrizalillo – one of the most premium and beautiful hotels in Puerto Escondido is the Villas Carrizalillo. If you book a room in this hotel, then you are going to get a full villa for your name. So that is one of the best ways to enjoy your time completely by yourself or with your partner. It is just 2.4 kms away from the Zicatela beach and situated in a peaceful location. The lush surroundings will always help you feel more subtle and comfortable. The villas are equipped with a TV, WiFi, and various other amenities. Don’t forget to check out the outdoor pool and enjoy your time there drinking chilled beer. That is the reason why this hotel is one of the best in the town.
  • Hotel & Suites Villasol – last but not the least, Hotel & Suites Villasol is also a great place to stay during your trip to Puerto Escondido. One of the best features of this hotel is the swimming pool with a bar where you can blast music and enjoy all of your favorite drinks whenever you want. The hotel is just 1.5 hours drive from the airport and due to the limited villas, you should always pre-book and then visit them. Head to their in-house restaurant for tasty lunch & breakfast.

If you are traveling to Puerto Escondido, then you are in for a wonderful holiday. In this blog we have discussed some really good hotels that are ranked at the top in this particular city. So, let us know where you are booking your room and what’s the price you paid for their services.