Can You Expect Any Great Results From Dianabol After Two Weeks?

Bodybuilders prefer Dianabol for increasing their muscle mass and obtain greater muscle strength by synthesis of the muscle proteins. In the market today, it is considered to be a one of the potent steroid. Its generic name is Methandrostenolone and is a derivative of synthetic testosterone. You can obtain it from many online sites and number of black market sources too. In most of the western countries including the USA, it is illegal to buy. It was developed by Ciba and its tablets were marketed since 1960. There are numbers of side effects are there and hence the users need to use the drug properly.

Review of Dianabol

Most of the bodybuilders prefer to use Dianabol for obtaining good muscles within very short period of time. Not only muscles but users can develop very good strengths so that you get encouraged to do more workouts in the gym. However there are few side effects that one has to keep in mind.

This drug was developed for competitive bodybuilders and weight lifters during 1960 Olympics as there was strong suspicion that Russian athletes are taking injections of testosterone to improve their performance in the competition. After 30 years, US government has listed Dianabol among the controlled substance.

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The legal status of Dianabol is not same in every country. Therefore if you want to buy this drug, then find out the legal status of Dianabol in that country. In countries like Canada, USA and New Zealand, you will need prescription to buy it from medical stores. Therefore many users import from India or Thailand, where there is no legal restrictions in buying this drug.

The composition of Dianabol is similar with testosterone however due to certain differences in its molecular structure, it is little less androgenic. However its working is very similar to testosterone.

Side effects

Whatever be the result you obtain from Dianabol, it has few side effects that you cannot ignore.  Development of breast tissue among men is the main concern of bodybuilders. Another side effect is retention of water that makes you feel bloated. Besides that male type baldness, acne and body hair growth can also be seen.

Few other side effects are as follows:

  • Hair loss
  • Higher BP
  • Liver toxicity
  • Cholesterol issues
  • Virilization in women

 You will get very fast gain in muscles and also can repair the muscle damages quickly however its effect is temporary. After you stop taking it then the body will return back to normal condition. You may visit the website for reading further details about this steroid.