Get these Custom Leather Holsters

The holster is a leather case that is used to keep a gun. It is usually made of leather. These holsters are manufactured and available in various sizes, shapes, and colors. There are different materials used like crocodile skin, ostrich leg skins, trees, different types of plants, etc. one of the materials used to make these holsters is leather. A holster is usually carried at such a location, where the weapon could be easily accessible.

Types of Holsters

A person should very carefully choose Custom Leather Holsters. Holsters are made for different purposes and of different materials. A shooter should be very careful while choosing types of holsters. Some of the types of holsters are:

  1. Outside the waistband holster: this holster is positioned on the outside of a person’s waistband. It can be carried out in various positions. Gun from this holster is easily accessible. A larger size of a firearm can be carried in this holster. This holster is best suited for competition shooters, law enforcement, etc.
  2. Inside the waistband holster: this holster is designed to give a shooter good concealability. It sits on the inside of the shooter’s pants. These holsters are easy to carry. 
  3. Pocket leather holster: these holsters are ultra-concealable. Self-defending shooters can choose these pocket leather holsters. It is best suited for them. It is square. So, it can be the gun, pistol, or any other firearm. It is lightweight to carry. 
  4. Shoulder holsters: shoulders holsters are usually made up of leather. Full-size pistols can be fitted in these holsters. It is positioned under the arm or the body of the shooter. So, it not only gets difficult for the attacker to take away the gun and pistol but also it becomes easy for the shooter to access the gun. 
  5. Leg or Ankle Holster: This holster is used as a backup weapon. It has soft adjustable straps. It is made up of different materials, but leather is the most used material. Leather s used to avoid rigidity keeping in mind the comfort of the shooter. Gun can be drawn quickly and naturally from this holster when the shooter is in the standing position. Even in the sitting position, the firearm can be quickly withdrawn.
  6. Bag or purse holster: this is a basic type off-body carry holster. It is a proper backpack. It is convenient and comfortable to carry and use. This holster is best suited for self-defenders. 

Holsters can be customized in the following Materials:

  1. Kydex: This is maintenance-free material. It is a long-lasting and cheap material. 
  2. Leather: leather is a flexible and comfortable material. It also looks stylish. It is however outdated.
  3. Nylon: This material is used for shoulder, thigh, and out waistband holsters. It is very durable and affordable. 

In the end, it is up to the shooter or the customer to get the type of holster customized. Shape, size, purpose, material, etc. can be chosen by the customer.