In a Slip and Fall Case, What Constitutes Negligence?

If you were recently in a slip and fall accident that caused serious injuries, the first thing you need to do is contact an experienced slip and fall accident lawyer NYC. Once you have a reputable lawyer on your side, the next thing to do is to focus on proving negligencein your case.

But in a slip and fall case, what exactly constitutes negligence?

It can sometimes be difficult to prove who exactly was at fault when a slip and fall accident occurs. If your slip and fall accident lawyer NYC is going to take your case to court and fight for your right to damages, you need to prove that the owner of the property that you slipped and fell on was responsible for your fall.

The Question of Prevention

In order to constitute negligence in your slip and fall case, you need to prove liability of the defendant. That is, you need to prove that any reasonable person in their situation would have known that there was a dangerous condition (like spilled liquid or ice) and they would’ve fixed it.

In order to prove negligence, therefore, you’ll need to have a lot of evidence on your side. For example, if you have photographs of the location of the slip and fall that do not feature any warning signs of the hazard, this is good for your case. Similarly, if any other witnesses or passersby experienced the same hazard as you, this is another way to prove that the property owner was negligent.

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Clumsiness and Carelessness

If you bring your slip and fall case to court, the defense will try to prove that it was your fault that you slipped and fell. For example, you may have fallen because you were texting on your cell phone while walking.

As the plaintiff, it will be your responsibility to anticipate this defense. You’ll need to ask yourself several questions:

– Would a reasonable person have been able to notice any dangerous conditions or hazards and avoided the fall?

– Were warning signs posted that you missed?

– Where you engaging in activities that possibly contributed to your fall? For example, were you skipping or running around an area that was covered in ice?

– Why were you on the defendant’s property? Did you have a legitimate reason for being there in the first place?

Finding an Experienced Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer NYC

Most slip and fall accident lawyers NYC work on a contingency basis. This means that they will meet with you for a free consultation appointment. And if they end up taking your case, you will only have to pay them if you win.

This means it’s a win-win for you. To learn more about your legal options in a slip and fall case in New York, contact a reputable personal injury lawyer in your area today.