Advantages to Buying a New Home

First-time home buyers are stepping out of the rental game and looking to finally own a home. Yet instead of searching for an existing house, many people are opting for new Phoenix homes Ottawa. Check out the following advantages to owning a new home versus buying an existing one.

Customization from the Ground Up

When constructing a new home, the builder wants to make it the perfect place for the homeowner so that the buyer will be happy the moment they move in. A new home provides customization options while the house is being built. So there won’t be extra costs associated with tear outs that a buyer would have to pay for when remodeling an existing home. A homeowner can usually select materials, floor layouts and even the lot location.

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Fewer Maintenance Headaches

Brand new materials and construction work will be placed into a new home. So homeowners have peace of mind that they will be moving into a place that is move-in ready. In addition, they don’t have to worry about poor construction or hidden problems that can come with purchasing an existing home. With the proper upkeep, the new materials will last for decades.

Another thing to consider about a new home is that many of the new materials can be both eco-friendly and technologically optimized. So you are getting the latest automated home that will be environmentally friendly and can keep your utility costs manageable.

Builders Warranty Offered

Another advantage when considering new Phoenix homes Ottawa is that the builder will offer a warranty for all the newly constructed work. The warranty can cover a period of a year to several years and will offer repair work for the structure. Components in the home will also be covered for several years so you won’t have to worry about a leaking roof, electrical short or the furnace breaking down.

Tips to Keep in Mind When Buying a New Home

If there is something that you want changed about the new home, don’t just shrug your shoulders and deal with it. Almost anything can be negotiated with the builder so long as the changes do not negatively impact the building envelope or the structural stability of the home. The only other time that a builder may say no to your requests is if the changes would go against building code requirements for your area. Otherwise, a builder may make concessions if they are sure that you will close on the home deal.

Consider purchasing a new home instead of an existing one for your family. Then you can have the perfect dream house that has been customized to your lifestyle.