Use a drone for the inspection of your roof:

Gone were the days, when you need to make workers climb up the roof using a ladder for inspection purposes. A roof inspection is quite important to know whether there are some condensation and moisture on your roof or not. With the drones these days it is quite easy to inspect a roof for flaws. The traditional method of roof inspection was dangerous, time-consuming and not so accurate. But with a drone, it is a matter of a couple of minutes with an accuracy of 99% in most cases.

Drones have provided people with easy ways to do their job. If you own an advanced drone, you can inspect your roof by yourself with a little bit of techie knowledge. Most companies these days use drones for a roof inspection. Drone roof inspections are composed of a few simple steps. Before flying a drone, you must be aware of the drone flight guidelines of your area. In some places, you also do need a drone pilot license.

Things which make a drone perfect for inspection:

Not every drone available in the market can be used for roof inspections. There are certain features that a drone must have, to be a perfect fit for this job. In order to scan large building, your drone must have the capability to fly in a working range of 350-400 feet. It must have a camera of higher resolution. Using a 4K camera can help in capturing more information.

GPS guidance is a must for roof inspection, as most of the time you would not be able to see the drone from the ground. Most of the drone cameras have image stabilization gimble built in them. This will make your image to be less shaky. Always try to shoot in higher FPS to avoid lack of frames, as this will result in loss of information.